During a time when parents are experiencing difficulty with their children,  I believe the need for support and understanding is most important.  As a Certified Professional Life Coach and Certified Parent Coach, I work with parents who are struggling with their child’s defiant behavior and want to develop strategies that will produce a positive outcome in school and at home, while building a healthy balance to your relationship.

As Owner and Executive Director of a Child Development Center, I work hands-on; managing, training and providing care for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old (and sometimes older). This  allows me the opportunity to further explore the culture  and characteristics of today's children.  I am dedicated in supporting parents to develop leadership and structure in their home.  

Having a husband and 4 children, life can become busy and exhausting.  I understand the depths for which parents must take to raise positive and responsible children, while also maintaining my own self-care. With approximately 50 children enrolled in our child development program, I often tell people that I have 54 children (my own children and the children we care for).  

I believe Charity begins at home and then spread abroad. I realize that I must first take care of my home and family in order to be a positive example to others.  I am partnering with parents in developing tools and strategies that will allow them to be more productive and reach the success they desire.  If you feel stuck and don't know what else to do, I can assist you.

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